Microphone Not Working Fedora 27

Hey leveloners,

I am having issues getting Linux Fedora to pick up my microphone. In the PulseAudio VolumeControl program, I can see that the mic is plugged in and it is also visible to the OS. However, it does not produce any sound? I am on Fedora 27 using the Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 motherboard.


I assume your using the standard Fedora environment? I found a utility that may provide more sound options with PulseAudio
su -c “dnf install pavucontrol”
There is a decent article that I found here.

Haven’t had any experience with that particular motherboard though.

I have already installed it, and I still have no microphone audio. It might well just be a lack of support with the motherboards audio codec.

You can do some weeeeird stuff with pavucontrol. It sounds like you’re using a 3.5mm plug into your mobo’s front/rear mic jack, correct? Check that the relevant audio device (mine is called Built-in Audio) is set to Analog Stereo Input in the Configuration tab, and that you have the right port in Input Devices. You can also check alsamixer; some settings are redundant after pavucontrol but make sure the channel isn’t muted or something. Just mess with stuff until it hopefully works (unless it’s a codec support problem).

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