Microphone boom arms?

I am looking into getting a semi-professional microphone setup and am trying to decide on what boom arm to get for  my microphone. I would like a boom arm that clamps to my desk. The Rode PSA-1 seems to me to be the most popular one out there, but I am wondering if it is actually good. Thanks in advance if you respond! 

There's a reason why the PSA-1 is the defacto mic arm. It's really well made and if you're willing to spend that much you probably wont find one better without going hundreds of more dollars in.

If you're willing to go a bit cheaper (who isn't) I personally use the Neewer broadcast mic arm. It's certainly not as high quality as the PSA-1 but I've found it's certainly worth the money. All the accesories it comes with makes it even more worthwhile. The integrated XLR cable, the shock mount, etc. All these things usually aren't included with the stands and can tack on quite a bit of money. If you're on a budget its really awesome.