Microcenter's got me thinking of switching to the blue team

That extra 30 frames is really tempting me to drive down and get it now. Performance in Skyrim is mainly what Im shooting for. Might not have exactly the same results as you but I think it would justify the switch, especially since i can get the 4790k for only $250. I feel like I should do it and sell the AMD while it has it's current value rather than wait. I'm still not for sure tho. If I do do this, the Tek Syndicate forums will have first dibs on the FX and the motherboard. 

yeah well if i could sell the amd for a good price, then i would personaly do it, its not a downgrade so yeah. $250,- is an awesome deal if you ask me. i wish that i could grab it for that.

But yeah thats just me ☺

On the otherhand Logan offcourse has a good point, But yeah there are more cpu bound games that will bennefit from an intel cpu, so yeah its not a downgrade. Also video rendering in adobe is allot better on the 4790K. But also other rendering applications will run better.

i´m kinda currious what frames you are getting after re-install the game, maybe you should try a plain vanilla Skyrim first. and then trow the mods to it. 40fps is a bit low for your gpu if you ask me.

30fps diffrence stock vs stock is offcourse a significant diffrence, so indeed the 290 was getting holded back by the FX there. with an overclock it went a littlebit better. But still behind the stock intel on the minimums, and that are basicly the most important scores.

The big question is offcoure will you notice this during game play? i think if you running allot of mods etc, then that ansewr might be yes.

From looking at DerkKreigers benchmarks, i should see a difference. Maybe not maximum fps, given the limits of my monitor, but in minimum and average fps it should be a lot smoother and more stable. If i miss out then I simply cant afford to pay regular price for the cpu. If i wait too long, then i cant sell the 8350 for a decent price to offset the cost of the intel. Where if i switch now im like only really havimg to save a paycheck for a motherboard. Hopefully the deal is still good monday, I have to work all weekend and It's a hour and a half drive to there.


yeah you could look at the combo deals aswell

I just found out that amazon has it for 300 even. Thats about what my total cost would be after gas to go to microcenter so I think its a good thing I didnt go yesterday. I can order it from the safety of home lol.

Your 8350 is fine. Swap the 770 for a 290x, and get a 1440p monitor.

$60 for the CPU and board.

wait, what? I missed what you are talking about.

Its up to you if you want to spend the money, I mean if you have it to just use then go for it otherwise if you have a budget then of course there are better things to spend the money on. 

Ultimately you should get a 1440p monitor no matter what :) its such a good upgrade and the korean IPS monitors are still pretty cheap. I got mine a year ago from ebay and its flawless, I haven't tried overclocking it though but I'm fine with 60hz it looks pretty