Microcenter's got me thinking of switching to the blue team


$250 for a 4790k....I'd be saving like $80 AFTER the gas there and back. I've been looking at MSIs motherboards too. Mainly cuz I want to go with a red and black color scheme this time since I've had blue with my AMD parts. I know right?lol Might just go ahead and drive down there to get these. Then I can sell my 8350 and M5A99FX, and my spare rig (FX 6300, M5A97, 660, 1TB, Hyper 212, Corsair 500w semi modular, NZXT Tempest 410) then use the cash from those to get a 980. Then sell my current dell monitor and 770 for a nicer monitor...hmm.

So I would have my drives, my noctua, my psu (might get a newer one, Ive had it for a while), and my phantom 530 that I would be keeping. I haven't found much need for more than my 240GB SSD and my two 1TB WD blue drives. I might get a Fractal Design case though...

Thoughts guys?

that is a helluva good price ... and your plans sound solid ... make it so

It's helluva good price, considering amazon and ebay has it around 320-350 dollars.

Go for it. its worth every single penny. ☺

Especialy if you play allot of mmo´s or cpu bound games. Since you are looking for a highend GPU i would say go for it.

If I can get down there before the sale ends. Which motherboard should I get? I was looking at the MSI Gaming 7 but idk for sure yet.

Msi Gaming 7 seems like a nice board to me.


Basicly any decent Z97 board will be fine, in terms of overclocking. But the 4790k allready turbo´s up to 4.4Ghz zo i dont think you would realy need to overclock.

The 4790k is nice... but I would not sell an 8350 for it. I would simply get a faster GPU and sell the old one. Our AMD rig with a 290X maxes out every game at 1440p. Call me practical, but color scheme and a little extra per-core performance isn't enough for me. If gaming is your primary use, just upgrade the GPU. 

aaaaaaw......sniff....but its pretty.....lol. 

Im a big skyrim addict. I have (well, had until stuff got messed up) a ton of graphical mods, added npc's, enb, etc, it's a combo of yours, Pistol's, and Shift's mod lists. Was having difficulty keeping it above 40 frames with the 8350 and 770, especially in npc filled areas.

+1 If you don't plan on rendering or doing any hard core computing just upgrade the GPU and I suppose monitor if you'd like. The cost on your power bill is extremely minute when comparing the 8350 to a 4790K.

If I had the dough  ... I couldn't pass on that deal  ...especially when the cost of GPUs tanked  ... I could build two rigs that are better than my current rig for what I paid for this one.

Microcenter is the shit I got my 3770k for $250 and an Evga Stinger z77 itx for $90.  If its what you want go for it I always like upgrading so I know the feel.

Are you playing at 1080p?


ya thought so. Skyrim is heavely cpu bound on 1080p.

Your FX8350 is "most likely" holding back your GTX770 a littlebit.

Install msi afterburner, and check if your gpu gets arround 95% / 100% load all the time during the game. This is the simple way to determine if there is a bottleneck or not.

Actually, rendering and hard core computing are where the 8350 excels. It is nearly identical to the 4770K in those tasks. Falls down in gaming and other poorly threaded applications.

So.... I benchmarked Skyrim on both mine and my wife's computers. AMD 8350 v. Intel i5 4690k. We both have the same GPU but I used the same card in each benchmark to eliminate that as the variable. I ran both CPUs at their stock clocks then with them OCed. I also ran the RAM at the same speed too and pulled 16GB out of my rig to keep it balanced. 1333Mhz btw.

System specs:

My rig: AMD 8350 (stock speeds and 5.0Ghz), Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, 16GB G.Skill RAM (1333Mhz), Asus DCUII R9 290 (stock clocks)

Her rig: Intel i5 4690k (stock speeds and 4.4Ghz), Asus MAXIMUS VII Hero, 16GB. G.Skill RAM (1333Mhz), Asus DCUII R9 290 (Stock clocks, same card)

Skyrim was benchmarked at 1080  maxed out. Vanilla Skyrim except for the 2K texture pack and a few other non graphical mods. Latest AMD non beta driver.

Skyrim 1080p Results:

AMD Stock-

Average- 119 FPS. Minimum- 100.


Average- 130 FPS. Minimum- 119 FPS

Intel Stock-  

Average- 141 FPS. Minimum- 129 FPS

Intel OC-

Average- 144 FPS. Minimum 133 FPS


GPU Usage never went below 90% on either CPU. The Intel was pegged nearly 100% all the time while the AMD did have a few dips. 

So yeah the Intel is faster. But when OCed it is pretty close. I can't imagine why you're having trouble pushing 40+ FPS. The 770 isn't that much slower.

Might have been the amount of mods I had. I'm downloading skyrim as we speak and I will spend the next week remodding it and see how it goes. It's been a while since I've had it, something happened and the mods got messed up. Gave up and deleted it all. I'll try again and see what kind of performance I get. I still have that itch to build a new system.

The AMD still puts up a good showing.

I installed the latest gpu driver 14.9 and i have to say my frames are improved aswell. But still my gpu load is all over the place for some reason. Still bounces up and down allot.

I remember every once in a while my gpu load would just drop and then the game would seriously stutter and become unplayable and I would have to restart the game. No idea what the cause was. But we will see if anything goes weird after the game and all the mods are installed.