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This review was super weird. But fun. And kinda surprising. I went in expecting not to like the monitor, but its actually pretty decent.


Are you going to do monitor shootout video again like this after you guys review some more monitors?

yes, but I am told the manufacturer is going to "try" a 27" 1440p at 144hz "just for me" (they found a source of panels). Thats the monitor till DP1.3 is mainstream.


Only thing you didnt put in the review you talked about color accuracy but unless I missed it, you really didnt talk about it other then to say the Samsung was bad.

I need a "real" color calibrator, but the toms hardware review said the u28d590d was "pretty good" or something to that effect.

Anyone have any hints for a "top shelf" color calibrator that would display the color gamut and/or spit out an icc color profile we can share on the forums when we get these?

Because I have like 20 4k monitors I can test and about 30 27" lol

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Also kind of missed the freesync low end, didnt AMD put in drivers that as long as your refresh range was big enough it could do the low end fps stuff like gsync. (Not really and issue on 1080p but figured I would mention it)

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Not all the way through the video yet, but thank you so much Wendell, for talking about the bullshit that is response times. Discussions about this on forums like the buildapc subreddit are so frustrating because people buy into the meaningless marketing.

Also, I really got to get a color calibrator, because the colors on the samsung are plainly trash. I don't need a color calibrator to know if I turn my head 2 degrees the colors are fucked up that maybe I shouldn't use that monitor for work that demands color accuracy.
And yet some people will argue with me about that. And tom's said it was decent. Sure if you don't ever move your head or slump in your chair.
Though updated models are ok.
And I have seen some TN panels that are nowhere near as awful.

Can you link to the tools you used?

Just wanted to chime in that I'm -really- enjoying these new videos and the way yall are doing them.

I quite enjoyed the in depth nature. I would love to see the Microboard M340CLZ 34" given the lab jacket treatment. If I remember correctly it can be overclocked to 105hz so Low Framerate Compensation will work. The total cost of ownership of the Korean freesync screens with an AMD GPU are quite attractive.

You Might find this interesting. DisplayCAL, Formerly known as dispcalGUI Open Source Display Calibration and Characterization powered by Argyll CMS https://displaycal.net/

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I got the Samsung one because of the TomsHardware review. It did not look scathing to me at all at that time. "A solid choice" did not sound that bad then. I can confirm it is pretty crap tough. I hear they also launched a FreeSync version.

Nice review. Keep it up.

P.S. - I hear 2017 is the year for upgrades :)

I believe Linus uses this one:

X-Rite i1Display Pro Display and Monitor Calibrator, USB Powered

He has one for each individual editing station. I believe LG Sent him one for each 32" 4k monitor he got from them when he moved.

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Just ordered one! Dreamseller is having a nice sale on these for $329 on a pre-order. Says it will start shipping on Jan. 25th. Can't wait!

(Also, @wendell, I couldn't tell where the ports were for this monitor in your review. Are they on the bottom of screen?)

bottom yep.

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Just got mine today! Only had an hour to mess with it before heading to work but it seems pretty nice. No dead/stuck pixels and 144hz out the box.