Micro Stutter in games in VFIO with Threadripper 2

I have a problem of occasional in game stuttering, specifically in Rocket league. The stutter typically last less than half a second. The stuttering is prevalent when the match starts and during things like goal explosion, but they also happen randomly during the match at a rate of about once a minute, so I am guessing this is might be a memory issue.

My CPU is a 2950X on a GB Aoros Xtreme board, using Corsair 2666 RAM, and an nvme drive passed directly to the VM. I have CPU pinned, passing 6 threads to the Windows 10 VM. I have added static hugepages at 1GB pages and isolcpu for the VM cores, which helped a bit, but didn’t eliminate the problem entirely.

This wasn’t an issue on my old i7-4790 system which was much slower in everything else. The overall framerate is much better on my new system, but the micro stutters are annoying.

I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on what could be done to fix things.

What gpu? Also, have you ensured you aren’t running your gpu on a different NUMA node from the vm cores?

I knew I forgot to mention something.

GPU is a GTX 1080

The passed CPU cores, emulator and io cores, hugepages, nvme and GPU are all on the same NUMA node.

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