Micro ITX Case?

I have been looking around for quite awhile to find the perfect case for my next ITX build. I am looking for a very sturdy case that will not set off my extreme OCD with cheap plastic jiggling parts. Im leaning toward the Lian Li  PC-TU200 case since its all aluminum and looks like a tank. This will be for a portable gaming rig that will be traveling alot. I really wanted to hear some other opinions on this decision and maybe another idea for a case that i may have overlooked that would better suit my needs. Thank you.

I'm partial to the Silverstone TJ08B-E, altough it is both mITX and mATX. It is solid alumium, supports a full PSU, and is built like a tank.


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If you don't need an optical drive, I can highly recommend the PC-Q25.

Oh, and since you're working with brushed aluminum... WEAR GLOVES!

In short, the PC-Q25 is an awesome case.


Thanks bud. I will look into this case for sure. Nice keyboard Btw lol.

Corsair 350D.

Bitfenix prodigy and Fractal design node's are bothsolid too.

Im sorry but the prodigy might be eye candy case, but thats it. My friend got one and its a piece of garbage. Mostly plastic, parts wobble and jig around. Hardly the build quality for $80.

I hope you're getting a new keyboard. JK but it looks sweet dood.


Hey thanks man. Be adviced though; as you can see it's a small case - it may fit a long GPU, but I wouldn't recommend a powersupply any longer than 140mm. Keep in mind that modular PSUs are longer due to the modular cables popping out. The PSU I have is a SeaSonic G-360W. It's doing a great job and it is silent. However, if you are going to overclock or throw a beefy GPU (8+6-pin power) in the system, you will need some more power. Corsair CX430, Antec EarthWatts Platinum (EA-550) ect.

If you're in a modding mood, you can drill out the harddrive cage and throw a 140mm rad in the front and fit a HUGE PSU of any given size. You can still have smaller (2½") drives on the bottom mount of the case.

I used this forum thread for inspiration: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=b6a35ba9938a9dc3b5bcb746d1dfc97e&t=1623712

Great bunch of people - they know what they're talking about.

these are Micro-ATX as there are hardly any Mini-ITX cases of the same features and qaulity




you can always go with the NES or SNES route



If he thinks the Bitfenix Prodigy is too much plastic, Arc Mini is not the best recommendation...

It's a decent case, but the price does reflect the quality.

It's mATX oriented, and quite large.

Anyone else have a Bitfenix that they can shed some light on? Do they recomend it? 

The Prodigy is huge, and not really an mITX case. At that size, you're better off with an mATX case.

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What keyboard is that?

IBM Model M.