Micro-ATX Z87 Motherboard Question

I'm building a workstation for an entry level video editing machine ($1300 after tax maximum) for 2K content with a Haswell or Ivy Bridge based system. Are there any good Z77/Z87 micro-atx motherboards that support 16 GB RAM, SATA 3, USB 3.0 and PCIE 3.0 that are $80-$100? Thanks for any help!

I havent been able to find one in your price range that is a z87. Idk if its just me but id save and spend a bit more and get an ROG board. 

this one: Asus Z87 Gryphon


or this one: Asus Maximus VI Gene


or this one: Gigabyte GA-G1 Sniper M5.


grtz Angel ☺

Cool, could you link me to the least expensive z87/z77 micro-atx board then? I can afford to spend a bit more, maybe $100-$200 for a motherboard.

Is uATX compatible with Micro-ATX cases? I plan on getting a Silverstone SG09 or a Bit Pheonix Prodigy M for the build.

+1. if you can swing it the GENE is what i would do.

u-ATX is micro atx. so yes it is ☺

i also add the Gigabyte GA-G1 sniper M5 to the list.

one of those boards will be a perfect choice.

Thanks for the help!

uatx = μatx =microatx 

μ = micro