Micro ATX performance

If I wanted to build a LAN computer using a micro atx case and mobo what would be the best gamer mobo I could buy? I am not looking to overclock but I want support for high CPU speeds and powerful GPUS

I really wouldn't spend a whole lot of dough on a MicroATX, so these may come off as a little cheap, but they follow your criteria.

For AMD,


For Intel,


I probably wouldn't suggest a dual-slot card for a MicroATX, but it's up to you. I personally would recommend a 4850, 9600 GT or a 9800 GT.


lol i dont get why people can not just cary there big ass case

dont think youve been to a lan party..

lol i was just kidding i have never been though why is it is hard to carry a case

i personally would/have just carry my case over, it's a full-ATX case XD

just get a board with a 1333fsb takes 800mhz ddr2 and supports 45nm processors the foxconn one the god of hell recommended dose so

get a good graphics card, one of those 45nm processors, and low latency mem.

the thing u need to worry about is the case, a lot will not take full sized psu's or graphics cards. just make sure its a gaming one with the features u need.

as far as graphics card, id probably get a 9800gtx+ over the 4850 in this one instance simply because the 4850 is a much hotter card and airflow in microatx cases are often not ideal, but thats just my opinion the 4850 would probably be fine and is a bit cheaper.

EVO is right i do not think it is worth it to spend $1000 on convenience

yeah, that's what i was thinking, because i already have an awesome system, why would i buy another one just because it's easier to carry

its just an idea

i know but if u are spending mucho bucks on ur full tower why not show it off at lan parties is it really that hard to carry a full tower