Micro-atx for fx 8350

I am looking for a micro-atx for amd fx 8350 i would like to be able to overclock the cpu a little. 

Any recommendations?


Thanks! And I apologize for the bad gramar but i guess most of you dont understand Swedish!


I hate to say but the choices for mATX AM3+ boards is limited to 760g, but yeah this is about the best you're going to get.


Don't go for one of the gigabyte 760g boards, I owned one and it overclocked like a fucking toaster. I don't have any experiance with this board, but I trust ASUS enough to make sure it wasn't complete homoerotic anal plundering.

will the FX8350 vishera eaven run on a 760 chipset?

i think only the FX8150 will run on it, correct me if im wrong :D i readed an artikle about the new vishera runn on the 970 or 990 chipsets..

ofc i can be wrong..

I have silimar MOBO, same but not usb 3.0 support. It is great mobo for my fx4100. It can accept any processor you throw there. On asus site they have CPU list for mobo, and mine supports all CPU even if it is 90 TPW and fx8350 is 125W. You just need to update bios and you are ready to go. With bios updates my mobo supports from 8GB ram to 16GB now. And maximum DRAM frequency for FX is 1800 as they say.

EDIT: only difference between that specified mobo in comments and mine is support for 125W CPU.

My mobo is asus M5A78L-M LX. It is great for normal day use and stuff.