Micro ATX Case for NAS

Hello. I am looking for a new case for my NAS. It is currently running freenas and has 2 drives in it (couldn't afford much and didn't need much storage). It sits under one of my desks and it gets pretty dusty pretty fast. My current case is not a very good one and has no dust filters. It only has 2 drives, but it would need space for future drives too.
It doesn't have to be frilly or fancy because it sits under a desk, but not cheap either.

I'm looking for a case with dust filters that can be cleaned easily, and has space for around 4 hard drives. Not much of a budget, but around $100 US seems fair.
Any ideas?

Silencio 352, dust filters everywhere, can you cover up the top exhaust

Hmm. Very sleek. But only 3 hard drive mounts....

Well you can either mod it or get the ATX version, which has all the same stuff, it's just bigger

Though I guess you lose the front fan filters on the bigger version

The Silencio 550 retains the front dust filters, just gotta find one since it's past production


True. I currently have a full size case, even though I use an matx board. They are kinda big, but might be tolerable since it's just under my desk.
I currently have an Antec 900. It's too big for its purpose and has no dust filters.

You can get adapters for the 5.25 bay so it can hold a drive, and there are some slots made for SSDs, but since you aren't going to use a GPU you could probably find a way to fit more drives in

Or you can buy a hard drive cage 2nd hand and bolt it in somewhere

You might want to check like amazon and stuff

I'd get the rosewill one if the shipping on the coolermaster one is a lot

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Fractal design 804

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