Micro-ATX build



This is what I have so far. Would this make a good gaming PC? Would this all fit in the case? Hows the video card?



On this build you made i would chance a few things.

first of all the psu put in atleast a 550W 80+ bronze in it.

32 gb ssd is a waste of money, cause its to small, if you want a ssd i would recommend buying a 120 gb one. if its to expensive atm, then schwimp it out the build, buy one later!

about the GPU if you can afford it, pickup a 7870XT instead of the GTX650Ti (GTX650 ti is a low end card!). or if you need cuda cores then you can also pickup PNY GTX660Ti for arround the same price as a 7870XT, but the 7870XT wil perform better in gaming.

i edited your build to this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/10sSf

650W psu, took out the ssd, and put in a powercolor 7870XT. This wil give you much better gaming performance for just 30 dollar more, as i said buy a SSD later.

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We're sort of in the middle of one: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/build-pc/corsair-build-info-help/141187

I'd swap out the Fractal case for a Silverstone TJ08B-E. Much better build quality, solid aluminium, and lot of other nice features, as well. I just ordered one, myself, and will be cramming a server in there :Dv