Mice questions

Does anyone have a Corsair m65 or m95? I am looking to be getting a new mouse with my build I am planning out, and was wondering how they feel compaired to deathadder and the Steelseries Xai (what I currently use). I am torn between the two of those due to the aluminum build, but I play both FPS and mmo/MOB games so the two are kinda toss up. Any info would be nice.

Yeah, I have been definately looking into them, one of my main issues has to do with size. How do they compare size wise to the Steelseries Xai? I love this mouse like crazy, just it is a little lighter than I would want, and it is not as good for the MOBA/MMO games that I play button wise.

the m45 has a better sensor then the m65 and m95. Just one less button then the m65.