Mice feet and thier pads

i've had my deathadder for a year, and using it strickly on a desk cause i skimped out on the mouse pad while building my system, the feet are very very worn and dirty, how can i get new feet? i tried razer and no luck.

and on that no mouse pad note, whats a good one, im kinda cheap so i was wondering about the rocketfish pad at best buy thats double sided, anyone know of that one? if not whats a good online one?

As said in another thread, I just ordered Steelseries QCK+, got some VERY good reviews... :)

if your looking for a good cheap pad get a Razer Goliathus theres 3 differnt sizes and a control and a speed version im using the speed version with my deathadder and I love it

so no word on feet replacement? the Steelseries are nice but expensive for me right now, i'll probably go with the Goliathus, looks pretty nice

Mouse skates are available here: http://www.hyperglide.net

and I really love my SteelSeries Experience I-2 mouse pad

lol wow really? my mx518's feet are NEITHER. the only thing that gets dirty is the CORD.. dust sticks to it like a magnet.

i got the desk from a friend who liked to drink lots of ice water while playing WoW so there are lots of rings right were my mouse is, he was left handed and used a left handed mouse(oddest think id ever seen) so that side is as smooth as can be, but it think the rings messed up the feet

The lifetime of mouse feet varies depending on what surface you use. If you play on cloth you probably won't ever have to replace them. But if you play on steel or glass you will most likely need to at one point.