Mic suggestions for streaming?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, i'm looking to upgrade my mic. I'm currently using my headset mic (Corsair 1500 v2)

I'm currently looking at the Audio-Technica AT2035. Thoughts?

I have a Blue Yeti I use daily, one of my co-workers has the Blue Snowball. I really like both mics. Had I not gotten this I was looking at the AT-2020 and from what I can tell the 2035 is just a better version of that. Go for it, moving from a headset to a "proper" mic makes a huge difference.

Okay i'll aim on getting the AT2035, now do you have any suggestions for an Audio Interface?

A snowball should be more than enough at a low price

The Snowball doesn't have the quality i'm looking for.

I use a mxl v67g on an arm with a shock mount, with a blue icicle to convert from xlr to USB. It works pretty good. It's more maneuverable than a Mic on legs, but a Mic on legs probably works fine too.

Here's a Mic comparison I did on the youtubes(blue snowball, tiki, v67g, and I think Siberia v2):

Are you like doing all this professionally and stuff? Because like, if it's more of a hobby a snowball sounds pretty good, and the money saved could go to soundproofing the room you stream from if that hasn't been done already

Out of all those mics, the MXL sounded the best, hands down. Thank you for this video :)

This should show that you can't really go wrong with a condenser mic.

I disagree on the quality of the snowball, the fact that you have to practically be pointblank for the sound to be rich is a huge turnoff for me.

I think i'm going to buy this bundle: http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT2035-Diaphragm-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B00D6RMFG6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446562108&sr=8-1&keywords=AT2035

and buy this Audio interface: http://www.amazon.com/Line-6-POD-Studio-UX2/dp/B001EKECC2

Or this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005OZE9SA/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i02?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And to answer your question, i'm going to be doing some voice acting for some sidework and stream my games for fun.

Yeah I would think any other decent condenser Mic like the at-2xxx or the monoprice whatever would have similar results

I've been pretty happy with my "Large Diaphragm Condenser USB Microphone" from Monoprice.

I got a blue yeti mic and it's been pretty awesome thus far. In terms of price/performance i don't think you can beat it to be honest. It is a usb mic though so ymmv.