Mic feedback help

So i am getting some bad mic feedback and i was wondering if there was a solution. plz halp.

As I say to my users in my company. Please provide more information. Details on when it is happening, how you have things hooked up etc..

I happens all of the time, i have a corsair k70 rgb keyboard, a razer naga, turtle beach x12 plugged into a msi x99s gamaing ack mobo. I have managed to minimize it to some extent but its still threre and i would atleast know what the problem is even i might not be ablr to fix it.

ok ... so you're using a turtle beach x12 ... do you have any other audio equipment?

basically, the hunt will be for an open audio source that your mic is picking up ... one option might even be that the gain is way too high on the mic and you're running the volume on the headset too high ... just one of the possibilities

The only other item the produces audio would be my tv that is about 4 feet away. I did get a pair of beredynamic custom one pros with a boom mic cable accessory. That mic however was much worse in feedback than the turtle beach headset.

hmmmm then that puts me with screamapillar, description of what you have, and a run down of what happens ...

From what I gather you have tried two different headsets so it must be your audio settings try disabling any filters, enhancements etc for the mic.

Are they USB headphones.?

I have diabled and enabled all the enhancements for the mic.

Comp specs
msi x99s gaming ack mobo
gtx 980s in sli
evga supernova 1000watt
Evo 850 ssd

No there arent usb but they do get some power from it and I have tryed a usb sound card with both headphones/headsets (beredynamic Cop with boom mic and TB x12)

Maybe try a different USB port or an external charger or something, the power supply could be causing the feedback.

somthing different