Mic doesn't work on sabertooth 990fx

Right, so i just got my new rig put together, and i installed drivers and all that good stuff, however when i popped on ts3, My mic is not working, i have it plugged into the back of my motherboard (Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0) and it's in the mic inputs connector, I really wanna be able to talk with the mic, and i have tried severael other headsets, and none of them is working, i can't seem to see the problem in ts. btw i'm using Windows 8 64bit pro.

Try the front header if you haven't already.

Doesn't work either

So you have sound at least?

If no sound you might have to rma your motherboard or just get a cheap sound card.

I do have sound yes.

It could be the drivers for the headsets screwing up or the boards audio drivers screwing up.