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I may… Nobody watches them though…
We shall see…



I need to stop (but can’t)

I cant wait to see what these apple boiz can do

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Everyone has moved on from Linux to BSD… but I am still learning!

I put arch32 on the thoughbook and am riceing it with LARBS as we speak

btw I use Arch and dead memes

Annnnndddd LARBS not working on arch32 lol damn, I had a feeling that would happen

So LARBSing my Archlabs, see if it works since I pick dwm and it uses i3



And DONE, just got some kinks to work out and to get used to using only keys no dirty bloat mice



New Update on the old Tries it : Arch Edition

Other news:

  • Still no movement on the Thin Client, maybe this week.

  • May make a Librebooting thread soon, got all the stuff for my T60s ready.

  • Will do a first impressions of my T500, that was librebooted for me and has Trisquel on it

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yo yo yo Game Dump is Open ya’ll

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Upcoming projects:

  • EGPU- A Thinkpad Story
  • Libre and Core- The Fall of IME
  • Meme or Dream- Using the Eoma68
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Switched my desktop to manjaro with i3 today. New pointless bloat thread to follow, I have learned much today



And done



and update, small but fun



@redgek @AdminDev @Adubs @sgtawesomesauce and anyone else

any of you try Beaker Browser?

Saw it when I was looking at Unwalled Garden. Pretty interesting, nothing too ground breaking but would love to hear your thoughts

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nopw, may check when have free time

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Lynx is so much fun! Wish L1T was optimized for it, while it’s super great to lurk and read it… I cant log in, so I cant really use the forum.

Maybe I’m missing something and someone could help me out (or maybe it would be easy to fix cough cough @wendell)

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sooo @Adubs @AdminDev @redgek… anyone

if say I am getting an error on my macbook air of “failed to start loader.efi : (14) not found” does this mean I need to load rEFIt? From what I read online its not really clear

Backstory is this Macbook Air had no hard drive, I got one online but it has been wiped so no OS on it. when trying to start antergros everything works on preboot menu (which is weird cuz I think its a 32 bit but w/e) however it goes to that fail message when trying to boot one of those options



probably. Idk anything about linux on macs

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i have tried about 3 distros now… all are having issues getting into the usb installer. I am thinking there must be something stopping it from what I read on the screen, maybe a hardware issue?



macs will only boot efi

how are you making the USB?

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balenaEtcher, with an iso like I do with other laptops.



use something else and format it gpt

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my two brain cells are dead now from needing to be used… I WAS WRONG THIS IS HARD for a dummy like me