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I thought it’s a reference to something?

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it is, the new distro you will make and I will tell everyone it was my idea and get all the praise

maybe you are familiar with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) /s

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lol making loincucks distro, yeah no

forking FreeBSD tho

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Well that messes up the branding but ok

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A mom can, why not me



Last few hours to get a free game peeps, updated OP of this post to with link

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Honestly I don’t want any of those, but it’s really nice that you are giving away stuff…

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I am a person of the people, as a bonus it will appease @kewldude007 (I like to pander to the greats of the forum)

I have many more to give away, keeping the big ticket games down to a minimum (I kinda put 2 high dollar ones in this time but w/e)

What kinda game would you want to play @psycho_666?



I have enough honestly…
Right now I’m on a Cities Skylines craze, so I’m playing that, or at least I will when my SSD arrives…
Does it matter?
I already own most of the games I want to play…

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wellll fine I wont look for a style of game you may want to play shhhhheeeesshhhh :rofl:

From your youtube, I see you like indie games and sim-building. Maybe I will find something you don’t have.

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There are a lot of things I don’t…
You stalker… Go e to my YouTube channel just to check my interests :smile:

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I’m one of your subs lol plz make more videos



I may… Nobody watches them though…
We shall see…



I need to stop (but can’t)

I cant wait to see what these apple boiz can do

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Everyone has moved on from Linux to BSD… but I am still learning!

I put arch32 on the thoughbook and am riceing it with LARBS as we speak

btw I use Arch and dead memes

Annnnndddd LARBS not working on arch32 lol damn, I had a feeling that would happen

So LARBSing my Archlabs, see if it works since I pick dwm and it uses i3



And DONE, just got some kinks to work out and to get used to using only keys no dirty bloat mice



New Update on the old Tries it : Arch Edition

Other news:

  • Still no movement on the Thin Client, maybe this week.

  • May make a Librebooting thread soon, got all the stuff for my T60s ready.

  • Will do a first impressions of my T500, that was librebooted for me and has Trisquel on it

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yo yo yo Game Dump is Open ya’ll

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Upcoming projects:

  • EGPU- A Thinkpad Story
  • Libre and Core- The Fall of IME
  • Meme or Dream- Using the Eoma68
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Switched my desktop to manjaro with i3 today. New pointless bloat thread to follow, I have learned much today