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MFZuul needs help: LG V20 At&t edition

Hello all.

I am trying to put LineageOS on a fancy new LG v20 At&t branded phone.

got adb going good, sees phone, but when I:

adb reboot bootloader

it just reboots and does not go into fastboot.

Anyone know what is going on? It also wont go into fast boot manually.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kill me

It seems to be the model… fml, have to do shady shit from shady places to unlock…

Why cant it be ez like a oneplus

Can you manually enter bootloader mode?

Pretty sure all the US v20 models are hard to unlock.

Yeah I never get service provider versions.

Had the att lg g3 and thankfully lineage supported it, but it had that other wireless charging protocal, not Qi, so frustrating.

Hear about the new OP8 volume buttons being in a different spot on the version op8 version? Due to adding special hardware for the Verizon version, that firmware and flashing is going to be a shit show- just getting aftermarket phone cases for it will be a shit show.