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MFW I want to do a Rocket League giveaway but Nvidia screws up everything with their bullshit

So I bought a new gaming laptop from AVA Direct and it has a 1050ti and we all know how some GPUs get game codes with them. Well the current deal is you get Rocket League. The problem is that I already have Rocket League. So I think, hey, lets give the code away but noooooooooooo we cant just have nice things can we now.

The Process:

  • Sign into Geforce Experience, you know that software you dont use except for those 5 people here that use Shadowplay but gets tacked on anyway.
  • Stare back and forth between a small yellow card with 24 characters on it and your monitor multiple times.
  • Finally stop looking like a slow motion headbanger and redeem the code.
  • >Please login with Steam

    >If you already have the game you dont get it.

No really though, look.





also the code NV gives you is tied to the gpu
tried on my desktop



This really is more because of the pain in the arse that services like Kinguin and G2A have created for game Publishers. Game Publishers don’t want people listing keys on those sites since it eats into their sales. To be honest this is one of the places where key re-selling isn’t so shitty, since it is your key to do with it as you wish (even though to be clear sites like Kinguin and G2A are complete and utter shitholes of fraud and corruption).

Can you make another steam or use a friends steam who doesn’t have it?

I could but then I’d be making, and giving away an account for just that game.

I dont want the liability of knowing someone elses credentials

I have a code for the latest dirt game supposedly with my 370. I have no clue how to get it though :confused:

DRM is in full force here. So in the end nobody will get to play this copy of Rocket league because Steam refuses to give you multiple copies and nVidia will not let you play it on different computer. Isn’t that just wonderful?

How is the build quality of the laptop? I have a friend who had similar msi and returned it after several months because small bits of plastic started to fall off. Even inside of the laptop.

less than what I’m used to with my X1 Carbon, but its fine.

idk, Ive had it for 2 weeks

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I’m a fan of Rocket league too.

Hello @KatchSim great to hear that but in the future please don’t bump a abandoned post that hasn’t been updated in 3 year