Metro: Last Light, 680 bundle

Does anyone know if Fry's is a "participating retailer" that offers a free steam download of Metro Last Light with select graphics cards? I just bought a 680 there and I'm not entirely sure if it was just my card or if Fry's doesn't offer it.

Why would you buy a 680 when you can get a 7970 with FC3: Blood Dragon, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider free? Do you need 3D or the cuda cores?

I do utilize the Cuda for adobe creative suite. :)

Mostly flash game development and some editting in photoshop. I also make videos for class so after effects and premier are programs I use. Plus, I bought it from Fry's and they didn't have any 7970s other than a used gigabyte.

Ok, 680 is a great card, its just a bit expensive for what you get. If it suits your needs, its the right buy though.

Yeah, its a pretty expensive card haha.