Methods on dual booting osx next to windows?

Hey ya'll on the forum, my title says it all but I was unsure as to which topic to enter this under (Windows or Mac). Over the last couple months I've racked my brain and had numerous failed attempts at dual booting both osx along side windows using the methods on the web known as Niresh and with the guidance of tonymacx86. Unfortunately I've wasted to much time and had to recover my windows multiple times, so my question to ya'll is if you guys have tried and this and if so, how did you go about doing it or what would you prefer. Thank you!

I just follow Tonymacx86's guide. Just allow half a space for Windows.

You want iAtkos:

The latest version 10.9 is not free but you can get 10.8 for free using ML3U.

The thing is that it's not a vanilla way to do so. Albeit, easy for beginners.

If you have intel based hardware you should be able to follow tonymacx86's method as stated above with various degrees of compatibility.

If you have the possibility of using another HDD for windows that works best just install OSX with tonymac's method unplug that HDD install windows replug everything and boot from the osx drive you will get a bootloader asking you where to boot from.

Hope that helped.

This depends on what computer you have and the specs of that computer.  However, is the easiest way of doing this.  Also, you can check out a guy "roch technologies" or something like that on youtube, he does some step by step videos on how to set up dual booting.