I enjoy everyone's recommendations for melodic death metal bands, and I now have a long list comprising of the greatest bands that I could ever imagine, but this time I am looking for metalcore bands (which, in a way, is similar to melodic death metal, except with less tremolo picking, less growling, and the use of breakdowns).

I am looking for metalcore bands like:

  • All That Remains
  • As I Lay Dying
  • Darkest Hour
  • Killswitch Engage
  • Trivium

However, I DO NOT enjoy bands that sound similar to:

  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Motionless In White
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • We Came As Roman
  • Avenged Sevenfold

If there are any metalcore bands that have elements of melodic death metal (this fusion is sometimes called "melodic metalcore"), then please list them below so I may check them out.

Thank You!

I'm not a massive fan of metalcore. I do like some of the favourable bands that you have listed. Anyway, this is just a couple of bands that I can name that, and you might find interesting:

I'll add more as I think of them. I can't be sure that you will like the given suggestions lol.

I've actually listened to Parkway Drive before; no singing, but fairly decent.

I've never had any interest in Atreyu, but I'll check it out.

Atreyu had some weird phase where they did some weird pop rock shit. I've never really been a fan of metalcore. I think it has its merits and I can sit down a listen to a Trivium album once in a while. So, if you check out Atreyu and hate them, it aint my fault. That's the only song I can name xD

Glad you enjoyed the death metal thread.

I may have posted this in the death metal thread, but they brand into metalcore:

I was just listening to them a few minutes ago, and I just now read your post. They sound great! very heavy, and melodic.

It's not your fault whether or not I like a band you recommend, but I do appreciate your contribution to help me find bands I've never heard or had time to listen to. Thank you very much for your effort.


Pretty big but August Burns Red has always been one of my favorites. Conducting from the Grave, Destruction of a Rose, Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish, Elitist, Structures, Evergreen Terrace, For Today, The Ghost Inside, Hatebreed, The Human Abstract, In Flames, Letlive., No Bragging Rights, Norma Jean, Saving Grace, Stick to Your Guns, Sworn In, Texas in July, Upon a Burning Body, Winds of Plague, War of Ages, and The Chariot. Some of those may not have been exactly "Metalcore" but you should enjoy at least a couple of those. 

I have listened to Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish, In Flames, and Winds of plague; I enjoyed all of them.

I have heard of, but haven't listened to August Burns Red, For Today, Hatebreed, The Human Abstract, Norma Jean, Upon a Burning Body, and The Chariot; I will eventually listen to them when I have time.

Any that you've listed but I haven't made mention of, I never heard of them before and are worth a good search.

Thank you for contributing. :)

You can't go wrong with Unearth, especially The Oncoming Storm.  Caliban's really hit or miss with some Great albums and some that aren't as much.  Mortal Treason's Sunrise Over a Sea of Blood is amazing with a lot of black metal elements included if you don't mind Christian bands.  Conducting from the Grave's newest album was pretty great, as is the newest After the Burial.  Older Maroon is pretty awesome as well.  


Are bands like Periphery, Never See Tomorrow, Bury Tomorrow, Times of Grace and Affiance what you're looking for?

Yeah, I'll give 'em a look.


I know you mentioned Motionless in White in your dislike list but i'm assuming you've only heard "immacualte misconception" or earlier which is a lot different to their new/ normal stuff. This song is partly melodic metalcore due to the guy feturing in the song and partly black metalcore (?) Due to that high scream fast drums bit haha, you'll know what I mean, and the bit before the breakdown.

And this song is sort of melodic metalcore and sort of doom metlacore (?) haha.

Also, keeping it on roughly Melodic Metalcore:

Best song on the album and don't be too quick to judge old school emocore because I think on a musical standpoint on instrumentation and lyrical themes it's one of the best in metalcore. (sorry about 240p)

Old I Killed The Prom Queen is the best!! I also think that the outro song is one of the best in the genre (second one is just an outro)

ERRA is also pretty good

And Reflections is definitely melodic metalcore played with Djent style and is technical, probably the most technical metalcore guitar players in the scene.

Also this a very great Reflections song that is set out in a way that reminds me of orchestral music, there is a whole lot of different parts to it and they contrast on each other giving them more impact.

I've listened to all the songs in Creatures and When Love Met Destruction. Sounded all the same to me. Their most recent album, Infamous, adds more of an industrial metal influence to their work, and not bad compared to their earlier works. I've listened to songs such as The Divine Infection and A-M-E-R-I-C-A. Sounds ok, but not entirely my favorite. I might need to listen to it more, also the songs you've recommended. Do they have cool, sick guitar solos now, or are they the same as always?

ok, cool

Motionless in white don't really do solos unfortunately but that isn't what metalcore/all of the hardcore metal scene is about, although some have them there aren't many. Doesn't need to have solos to be melodic either, it helps but isn't required. Black metal is still very black, but doesn't have any (or many) solos. Melodic and solos describes the genre of which The black dahlia murder is and that is where you will find the best melodic metal, melodic death metal. Also that band Reflections does have solos in the technical form, as in like tech death metal but are still melodic.

* August Burns Red

* Bleeding Through

* Botch

* Candiria

* Coalesce

* Converge

* Heaven Shall Burn

* Misery Signals

* Today Is The Day