Metal Gear Solid V PC

Hey guys one of the crappiest things about PC gaming is console exclusives. Metal Gear Solid V will be coming out in the near future and Hideo Kojima expressed interest in eventually releasing Metal Gear Solid V to the PC. Let's help make that happen by signing the petition at for Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear is one of my personal favorite game franchises so I'd love to see it on PC, also the graphics of this game just scream PC.

heres the link

heres the trailer if your interested

Thanks for the support

Signed. Hopefully Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance does well and lets Kojima know we are willing to support his games. I plan to buy it day one. 

That's a good reason to buy Rising though I don't care much to play it LOL

It won't be everyone's cup of tea but I can't wait for the release. It's one of the very few games I'm looking forward to.