Metal can be beautiful

I get into metal that is more layered that the standard yelling with a side of two kids smashing trash cans together... Here is something more subtle, more intricate, and more interesting than most of the stuff out there...

Post something similar that you like... Let's keep this thread limited to interesting, avant guard, thoughtful, beautiful, sublime metal. 

Indeed it can be.

Logan, I would suggest Summoning. They are very atmospheric.

I like keyboards in my epic metal, because it's silly and fun... but too much keyboard in the prettier metal really kills it for me... I guess silly and pretty don't mix well for me... 

And I can't get enough of these guys today... editing the website (Tek 2.0!) and listening to this:

Yeah, they do sound really cool. I'm really digging Be'lakor and Human Error recently.

Indeed. We drove over to Eastern KY over the weekend... and played the entire new album while driving through the mountains... really good stuff. 

I think we have all listened to Agalloch.... right? If not:

I'm using this thread as a playlist at work :P

My contributions:

All these albums are fantastic, I reccommend anyone looking for something different/pretty to go listen to them. I have a lot more too, but I'll let some other people post before I go on with those.


songs iam currently listening too :D



that video is disturbing... and deserves to be in it's own forum post... doesn't really go here. ;)

stuff like this goes here:

The last couple of minutes are especially awesome. 


I hope to Satan (see what I did there?) that Cyberdemon is trolling.


This thread is epic.


This is an epic song. The actual layering kinda starts later but until then you have a nice atmosphere to go with.


Some others:


EDIT: embeds not working for me for some reason.

Man, you never cease to amaze me... I watched all 10 and a half minutes of that video and laughed most of the time. You sir are a genius.

Here are a few more i like:

Illidiance - Neon Rebel

DGM - Hereafter:

Amon Amarth - Cry of the black Birds:

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