Metal: A headbanger's journey and Global Metal

anyone saw these documentaries? I was just listening to Global Metal yesterday cause I just had learnt that it had been out for a few months now (><) and I thought I should recommend it here seeing how we have a quite metal community.

Start of with Metal: A headbanger's journey. It's the first documentary the guy made. It's some metalhead guy going everywhere around the world interviewing band members and metalheads. He goes to the roots of Metal and than evolves with the newer genres. He goes to the Wacken fest, he goes to norway to meet with black metal guys from (gorgorth, mayhem, interviews about church burning and all that stuff they had there). It's really good, educative and entertaining IMO. If you never saw it and your into metal be sure to check it out.

Global Metal is the second documentary he made, it's been out for a few months now. He goes to countries where you'd think there are not much of a metal scene (Korea, china, Iran, places like that.) and meets with these people to see how the scene is over there, how metal came in there, etc. Sometimes it's in countries where metal is forbidden and they go see the underground bands. It's really good and I learned quite a lot from it.

So ya has anyone seen them? Logan, Div, Blooddrunk and twitch probably did and if you did what did you think about it?

I seen metal. I lol'd at the drunken mayhem scene.

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Lol ya man! t'was great. you should watch the new one global metal.

fuck them! ya know?

ya have a comment about that? yeah I have a comment about that, fuck you! ya know.

I'm going to look into Global Metal now.

i thought a headbangers journey was cool.. I wish he really dug more into the underground bands... most of the bands he covered were the well known ones... like he talked to bands like mayhem who might not be well known if you ask an american metal or hardcore metal fan... but they are the big band in the black metal world... I wish he would have mentioned some of the great, but less known bands... would have been a nice plug for them.

it was very well made.

the part where he breaks down the different metal sub-genres was really nice..

I am going to get my hands on his new flick asap. sounds awesome... I really like a lot of strange metal from a lot of strange places.

I'll watch this simply because Marty Friedman is in it, awesome, looks awesome.


this is what metal is children

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a really good one. It only follows one band, Accrasicauda, but it's still a good flick.

He actually didn't go to Norway in Global Metal:(

The last scene where Iron Maiden plays in India is epic.

Edit: i hate Alice Cooper in A headbangers Journey, "I made Metal", "I was The First", "I'm The best"

Jarinal wrote 9 hours ago »

He actually didn't go to Norway in Global Metal:(

lol he did go in Metal a headbanger's journey. Not in Global Metal. Why would he go there on this one? it's about places where the scene is really underground and not really big, and we all know that norway is THE place for metalheads :P

Just watched this, and it's pretty awesome, noticed some bands i've never heard of, and some i have but never listened to, might get into some more of this music, all the freaking madness that comes out of Japan, crazy asians, always with there strange, weird yet awesome music.

You should all watch this because of Max Cavalera, he is a metal god, and Marty Friedman.

This isn't as good as Headbanger's Journey, but still awesome, a must watch for music lovers.