Meta post about all the build posts on the forum

ok, so im glad that a lot of new people are coming onto the site. im very glad that people are looking into building pc's. but please. stop asking for a [blank] dollar build.

every month or so, logan makes a recommended build, if you are too lazy to look up parts and do research, just make one that he recommends that is close to your budget.

if its your first build, dont just ask for us to make you one, go to newegg and look at parts. google some benchmarks, see what is better and by how much. as for compatability, if it is a socket x cpu, it will go into a socket x motherboard. its that simple. if you have any questions, google it first! yes, a socket am2 cpu will fit into a socket am2+ mobo. yes, you can ask that on the forum, but if i see your post im going to skip it, because you couldnt take two seconds to google that, click on the toms hardware post, or post, or post that says it will work...


so, what should you post on the forum? well... if you are wondering if you should go with a 7890 vs two 7850's in crossfire, and you googled that and cant find any benchmarks comparing them, then ask it. if you want sugestions on how to do a case mod, ask it. or maybe you ran into a problem, like your graphics card fan wont spin up. ASK IT! want to talk about something you saw on the news, or a cool new technology? so do i, but i cant see your thread if there are 5 "im lazy, please take time out of your day to build me a 800 dollar computer that has pritty lights" posts that are pushing it off the feed. a lot of people here are very knowlegable and can help with hardware and software. but please, dont expect us to build a pc for you.


(i dont speed for the owners / administration of teksyndicate, but i have been here for 3 years, and i knwo how great the site can be. please keep it a great place)

Yeah I kinda know what you mean. I just recently joined the forums and been mostly reading helpful things, but most of the time I notice other new people just make an account to ask really obvious questions about builds etc. They don't contribute anything but annoying threads.


i was liking them at first, but then they just kept coming.....