[META] Curated tutorials with an index

I've got a few tutorials in the pipeline, but before I release them, I thought it might be beneficial to users to have an index that we've stickied to the top of the tutorials section, and if we do this, maybe adding an FAQ with links to tutorials in the helpdesk. I've seen a lot of threads that pop up in helpdesk asking about things that have how-tos in this section.

What do yall think? Is this a good idea, or will it hurt more than it helps?

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I think that a toutorial index will improve a lot the usability of the forum, we may end up stacking up knowledge in one place, doesn't it sound awsome??

That was my thought, but since I'm relatively new here, I didn't want to just start throwing links up and scream "SOMEONE STICKY THIS!" I can't imagine people would take well with a lot of members.

We are currently discussing the idea of a TS wiki of some sort, so stay tuned.

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Awesome! I saw a brief reference to this on another thread relating to Linux stuff a while back, but didn't know what the plan was.

If you find any useful linux guides, tutorials, etc on the forums link them here so :)