Meta Augmented Reality

The Meta headset has gone on pre-order for only $1k, saying delivery in Q3, but I haven't seen any coverage of it on the Tek. Thought it might be interesting as it's claimed 90 degree viewing area blows the Hololens out of the water (though it requires a laptop where Hololens does not).

It's a smaller shop that spawned out of a Kickstarter (I believe) and is going into series B funding soon. Their head of engineering was the former head of Project Tango at Google ( They already have a hundred or more industry partners and version 1 is being used in real world applications. It's aimed at developers, not end users at this point. They claim it will be good enough to replace monitors in the next evolution. The CEO has a background in neuroscience and so they have a few on staff working on novel natural ways of interacting with holograms. They claim their demo video's are 100% shot through the lens and not faked like most other players, eg: Magic Leap and some of Hololens.

In a video by Robbert Scobble that ilnterviewed employees, they said that Steve Mann is going to work there while he is on sabbatical from University of Toronto. Aka 'The Father of Wearable Computing".

It's not really gaming oriented, so I get why it may not get coverage on the Tek. But it's really cool if you are interested in AR and it uses the Unity engine which is used in gaming, so there is potential for games on it!