Mesh "internet" the future of Freedom?

hi. i was wondering what u guy think about mesh wifi & its future?

 Could software like, " Project Byzantium" or " Commontion" utiliting the OLSRd protocol w/in the regulation of the fed( channels TxPower.. etc) be a solution to ISP monopolies &/or survailence?

 what do yallz think about this project going on in my city .. ?

 could we just bypass the " internet"? i would really b interested in Wendels opionion on this.. no offese to the other great guy on ur show. 

by the way i like that u guys focus on very important issues instead of just the next new chipset or such.. tho yallz do great job , w/ that too. 

sorry bout spelling & grammar , im typing this on my phone while riding my bike

1st = Don't type on phone while riding bike = unless you want to die or end in wheel chair or hurt some1.

This kind of internet requires that everyone has wifi mesh device; we're not living in dream world neo. Wifi networks are slow, too slow to mean anything. If they were as big as we want them they would run terribly slow. It would work though if everyone had wifi mesh network and their own internet cable/fibre gateway.

ummm, ok u care to elaborate?

& as far as "every1 having 1" that is sorta the point. 

Further, r u aware that nearly any pc/ laptop w/ wifi can act a mesh router? Also what about all the software being written so people can setup a personal mesh ap( adhoc??) w/ knowing openWRT?

 do u c any future in this?


a more likely candidate for preserving internet freedom is decentralized DNS like namecoin. Mesh network has been around for a long time and there is a reason that almost no one uses them ( they sort of blow ) plus geographical features like mountains rivers oceans and undeveloped areas like deserts and forests would breed separate  networks defeating the purpose

Technically it is fully possible. Not sure if the mesh is the best option but if internet/social freedom is to be preserver we need a de-centralized way of connection. The obstacles are not technical but political mostly.
A similar idea is envisioned by the freedombox foundation btw. ckech it out: 

"Mesh network has been around for a long time " = true,(ARPNET) but Im not sure this project "failed" for technical issues? It seems like politics had much more to do w/ it.

"undeveloped areas like deserts and forests would breed separate  networks defeating the purpose"   =  I was under the impression that the newer protocols r specifically designed to be a self-contained infrastructure, resulting in the ability for different setups to "MESH"? Which sort of IS the purpose. In addition I don't c any evidence that people wishing to setup up a mesh node would try to use their own completely off the wall setups 'just because'. It seems humans tend to stick to standards. (ie .telephony)

"decentralized DNS like namecoin" = Ya but still relies on central infrastructure that can easily b "disconnected". Also we have no idea how far cryptography will go in the next few years & is cracking abilities.

I fully understand people wont b streaming TeKSyn right away w/ existing hardware & algors but i really cant see communications based on bunch of wires, that any "regime" could very simply take out, as having any sort of future.

Idea(prolly already, thought of, discussed..maybe even tried??) = Get a few mesh satellites launched, then have a bunch of drones that fly up & act as back-haul nodes at different elevations.& the more, & better drones u have(or a company) .. the more bandwidth u could get?


I agree. It seems the powers that b will do everything possible to keep their propaganda servers up.

Also, that project is very interesting, kinda taking the approach that most people wont go thru the trouble to setup their own node and server. Though a typical old pc turned into a mesh router does have all the same capabilities as that freedom box(GSM,GPS,etc), that sort of project would make it easier. Now just imagine how much more effective it would be if there were also a bunch of high power(w/in law of course ;) back-haul routers & APs around for it to "bounce" off.

we don't need to send everything over the "mesh-net of freedom"

we just need a little demonstration that we can self-organize if we want to. All it takes is one city that creates a mesh-net with moderate popularity.

Look at it from a political point of view: they are taking away our freedom because they can. But a mesh-net will be the leverage needed to say either keep the regular internet open and indiscriminate or we will just switch to a mesh-net & basically wipe out what little is left of intellectual property & government/corporate secrets.

We don't need a total independent infrastructure, we just need to keep the regular internet open long enough until we get a decent self-organizing system for a society without paranoid & power-drunken rulers.

The key is to use interconnected computers to find strength in numbers, instead of the chaos & infighting in numbers.

Think automatically balanced resource sharing like bit-torrent does with bandwidth.

ya, def.. the node setup im messing w/ have dedicated hardware(oldPC running PFsense) running load balance router software for that exact purpose.

I do like ur way of thinking, & I agree that this sort of tech tends 2 equal self-empowerment of the individuals & collectives that utilize it. Controlling the simple act of sharing info from 1 person 2 another is very effective in controlling such persons.

The ISP's rely on laziness (nothing wrong w/ being lazy, only wrong when sum1 else exploits it). They know most will 'accept' pop culture & they supply heaps of bandwidth 2 feed it 2 em. I guess realizing that MESH(@ 1st) will only b a sort of geeky thing that will only serve sum sort of simple widely accessible IRC or sumthing like that would b a starting point....maybe all that will b available @ all in next 10 - 30 years??

The initial allure may b people hearing about "secret" servers they can access in "secret" locations w/ "secret" software or sumthing?? I know back when the people who developed what is know as the 'Internet' 2day, the whole talking-to-people-with-computers was sort of their own thing in the 1980's...maybe MESH networks will b sort of the same deal?

Tho the allure 2 me would b having unfiltered communications that could even be used if there were literally no more power-plants in existence all-of-the-sudden.