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Mesa 19 is out! Glorious Freesyncing has begun!


Just a heads up that Mesa 19 is out:

It includes freesync and adaptive sync for Radeon and some vulkan for intel now!
Might be worth it to upgrade for the performance boost, but only for experienced users.


Good timing!

I just bought a freesync display!

Can’t wait for Fedora to update this.


Theres a copr repo you can use to test if you want. (usual warnings of stability)


Ayyy, I’ll check it out when the display comes in.

Stability matters not for me. (not on this system anyways)


I am still hoping that Ryzen Mobile actually works properly with these updates.


I’m hoping Mesa 19 finally solves Unity issues with DXVK. It’s not fun when a compatibility rating gets dragged down on ProtonDB because of Mesa.


What the turn around time for a distro to push this stuff out? I’m a basic pleb that runs Ubuntu with Cinnamon so I’m just wondering.


I think it will come with Ubuntu 19.04, 18.04 will probably have an updated version in the next hardware enablement stack.


I’m running 18.10 right now so hopefully 19.04 does the job just as well. I’m going to have to run the 5.0 kernel right? Because I’m using 4.19 right now.


It will be one of the 5.0 kernels, but the current one will need patched with these updates so not sure which release it’s going to be on yet.


Are they going to release 5.1 soon? I don’t track the kernel so I’m not too sure.


Mesa is not patched in the 5.02 kernel, so unsure.

You can view kernel updates etc. on