Merry Birthmas Linux ## Linux turns 25!

August 25th is the day Linus torvalds gave birth to linux. Show tux some love.
Without linux, the world would be a fucked up place where there would be no alternative to windows or Mac. just a private company that makes money by off of your data and sells your soul to the NSA because you wouldn't have any other choice and you never read the EULA


euh... There is/was BSD? and lot of others. Don't forgot Apple is based on a community BSD. Also GNU Hurd might have been put on the fast lane of production and also there is chance the NSA still just hunt on your data even on Linux. We all know Linus shaking yes saying no.

That said its indeed a good day to celebrate. Linux became a project of one guy to a project of 10000+ people, working together to at least make the virtual world more sane and open up peoples eyes too learn how liberty on a computer should feel like.

@DrunkByDefault mention that its also its 25th birthday, so its extra special ;)

'There is no software but GNU, And Linux is one of it's kernels'
--Dr.Richard M. Stallman


I was generalizing
True about Linus and the NSA, onetime someone in the kernel maintainers found an "oxford comma" that escalated to root. suspiciously how did that get there? lol

@Miguel_Sensacion yeah I am aware richard stallman is a nazi about the whole gahnoo slahsh lennucks and not just linux.

nah don't be so tinfoil headed that was just somebody's cat walking on the keyboard and hitting the submit button, true story i swear..[[[email protected] error: -41. please if you see this report this to your nearest authority office. thank you in advance. ]]

And in celebration I'm torturing myself with slackware :D

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do i hear a 1 year Slackware challenge because of 25th years celebration? XD

Well seeing as how its the only thing that runs ok on the certain laptop its more like a 7 year challenge

not sure what you term a Nazi, but let's leave it at that...


There are a few key players that really set the ground for open free software (Stillman obviously being a very big one). Linus did a great job, it's like RMS usualy says it was that key peices that completed the system. Without it who knows what stage we would be at progress wise. But yay for LInux and the GNU it rests in!