memtest86 Questions


I have been having some MEMORY_MANAGEMENT errors on my pc and have been told to run memtest86 to see if the RAM is faulty. Just have a few questions.

How long should I leave the test running for?

I have just left all 4 sticks of ddr4 in the pc will it test all of them separately?

How will I know whether the RAM is faulty is if it shows any errors?

Many Thanks

  1. you should leave the test running overnight

  2. In the morning if you left it overnight it will tell you that it has any errors or not.

thanks for your reply, is it alright to test all 4 dims at the same time?

Do errors mean that the ram is faulty?

I like to run memtest for as long as it takes to complete the entire tests cycle, which is usually a few hours, but I like to let it complete the cycle 2-3 times. Since are just testing too see if there is an issue, you can test with all 4 sticks installed, then if you get errors you can test them individually. If your RAM is faulty, it will look like this:

yes you should test all 4 sticks. and yes errors= faulty

I am using the 6.2.0 free version will it look the same?