[Memory speed] The magical boost

Hey Logan, and tek crew.

Since Corsair makes some  statemens over 20 procent more performance in gaming wenn using higherclocked memory. Wouldn´t it be something that the tek has to investigate?

I personaly don´t believe the corsair statement, 15 fps 20% more performance wenn using 2400mhz ram, with a dedicated  GPU.

So Logan, Pistal, Qain, Wendell.  I think it would be a nice item to test, and make a video about it.

Source: http://www.corsair.com/us/blog/bf4-loves-high-speed-memory/

Grtz Angel ☺


It probably helps with directx11 games and whatever is similiar on linux. I think performance tends to flatline after 1866mhz, and 2133mhz from what I have seen. 1866mhz seems to be the sweet spot for ivy bridge cpu's, not sure about any other cpu generation. I know my i3 530 loved higher speeds, but that was with a bclk overclock so maybe the increase wasn't completely because of my RAM.

I've often thought that from 1333 to 1866 the system 'feels' snappier. Perhaps we can do a high speed (60-120fps) recording and see if the system can paint windows or something faster. I don't think it makes too much difference in gaming, but we'd have to do the experiments to be sure. 

We did a test a long time ago..(ages ago.. so long as to probably not be relevant anymore). I think when we charted it that memory bandwidth was going way up, but so was latency. So it was like DDR2 could transfer 1gb in 100ms and DDR3 could transfer 1gb in like 90ms but with DDR3 it had like 20ms at the start where it was asleep and then it did the 1gb transfer in like 70ms where as the ddr2 took like 10ms to get started and had a 2ms pause after ever 100mb chunk. 

It was weird to plot on a graph. It was like.. DDR4 was moving data with a larger truck but the truck was slower. 

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon filled with 64gb microSD cards. Or something.


Make sure to post subtimings as well. I am very interested in those. I want to use it as reference against my set. Will have to throw in some data as well, but without the highspeed camera. I'll probably just use maxxmem, and all the basic gpu stress tests just to see what I get. I probably won't be able to do this til thanksgiving weekend at some point.

would be cool if the Tek could test it. ☺ i´m very sceptical about this, i think its just marketing.. lol