Memory speed , did i screw myself here?

So my machine uses six M378B5273CH0-CH9 in triple channel mode which have a maximum bandwidth of 667mhz. While running passmark and directly comparing my modules with the exact same M378B5273CH0-CH9 modules , I noticed mine were much slower than the average they are supposed to get.

When I upgraded my cpu's I chose two x5679's as they cost slightly less that the x5680 and scored roughly the same as the x5680. The only difference between the two being the x5680 was a retail product while the x5679 was for prebuilt machines. However after looking at the specs more closely the x5679 seems to only supports 1066mhz memory and not 1333mhz. When I check my ram speed sure enough each module is only running at 533mhz.

So did I just essentially screw myself by using x5679's instead of x5680's?

my score was 1800
the average was 2200 (which is 20% faster)
my ram speed is 1066
the max ram speed is 1333 (which is 20% more)

What's also interesting and possibly related , my gpu is about 20% slower than the average as well.