Memory problems

So my pc crashed or whatever and said there was a memory problem. So I am running a memory diagnostics tool test and it says hardware problems detected. To identify these problems you will need to contact the computer manufacturer. Who do I contact and what hardware is the problem?

Well if it's a memory problem I would call who your memory manufacturer is and say "Hey, my ram died, what the [email protected]#$%"

I agree with @FaunCB get new ram (maybe a new mobo and cpu too if you want to take it to extremes)

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I only built this pc a few weeks ago. I have new ddr4 memory, 6600k, r9 390.......... I dont understand how you can get problems like this with spending so much money....

Sometimes you just get unlucky and hardware left QA that shouldn't have. I have had my fair share of hardware develop problems within the first few weeks of owning it. you just have to identify the problem and get in contact with the correct party to RMA/Refund the item. I would also make sure you re-seat everything and run memtest again just to make sure.

F#ck Corsair and their s#it RAM!!!!!!

sorry, had to put it out there

Corsair dosent make ram... (thay put stickers on oem sticks)

Either way it was corsair that sent me s#it.

Well, I wouldnt go as far as to say everything they make is shit. I think corsair sells fantastic RAM for the most part
@cooperman Do they really?

I went through 3 sets of 4 stick memory from corsair. Every time at least 1 stick out of the kit was bad. I gave them a shot but I am back to gskill now.

Run memtest86 to make sure its your ram that is causing issues.

Yes about the only thing corsair actually make is pc cases.
Most of there sticks are Hynix

dont quite a few other companies also have OEM deals with Hynix and samsung though?

Yes like OCZ Technology/PNY/G.Skill ect ect