Memory and case questions, first build, low budget gaming pc

I'm building my first new pc. I decided to go with the fx 6300 on the MSI 970A-G46 mobo. I am grabbing the Hyper 212 because i plan to overclock (why not!) however my friend just got a similar build and the thing barely fits in his case! any suggestions on a cheap case that can contain it all but still keep temps down? also i was going to go with G. Skill Ripjaw 2133 Ram, is this a wise choice? it seems like most people go with lower speed memory with this build. 

Thanks for looking.

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when you buy a case, made sure the width of the case (from front) is larger than the height of the cooler from the motherboard by about 1-2 inches (my personal safe distance from contacting another metal in the case). i ended up getting a zalman that was too wide for my case at the time and had to cut some fins down to make it fit. cant really do that with a 212.

and instead of going with an fx 6300, id go with an APU like the A10-5800k and get a second gpu to xfire it with.

to answer your question about the 2133 ram, the faster that is, the more efficient the computer.

hope this all helped man ;D

If you do go with an APU, the 2133 RAM will make a big difference. Otherwise, 1866 or something would be just fine.

for cases, the corsair 200r looks promising, top fan mounts can be used as passive cooling and comes with 2 fans.

or cm storm scout 1 or 2