Since memok is on mobo I assume its ok to post this here?

I replaced one of the fans on my pc case --I originally used the fans that came with my pc case and my mobo was in BTX(so my GPU was closer to the top)-- had to rewire everything cuz I changed it back to ATX and did some cable management.


Then I turned on my pc and used it for a bit. After a little while I looked at my fan control and it was telling me that it is 27c inside the case, so I thought to my self that it was running a bit hot. I poped open my case and noticed that the fans on the top are not working, so I rewire them real quick (pc was off). I reboot, get to log in screen and it freezes. So I tell my self it's ok poop happens. Reboot second time and I get memok light....


At this pooint I just removed my 2nd ram stick and reboot. I get to Asus logo screen and I think that everything is ok and turn off my pc to put back my 2nd ram stick in. Then I get memok light and I remove it (ram) again (I always removed it after shutting down my pc). After that no matter how I messed around with my ram I had memok light on.

So far I have tried removing that bios battery, running memok in different ram configurations and also did that cap thing with those 3 pins (CLRTC).


I am not sure if I am missing something critical or what, previously I had another problem after I changed my pc case, but back then I somehow had my boot priority changed to boot optical drive first and had a cd in there lol.

My specs:


Asus P8P67 M-pro rev 3

Corsair Vengence 1600 2x4GB ddr 3


ocz 600w ModxStream pro



I am hoping someone can help me out :'(



Update: After another try at memok reboot I got through to my desktop and used my pc, just to have it shut down and give me another memok light of death...

Update 2: I consistently get to my win login screen but pc isnt recognizing any keyboards that I connected...

Update 3: oh I also had to use 8 pin power cable extension from my locate hardware store. (Altex)