Memmory is downclocking wtf!

Here is my build

Its been running fine but I noticed my memory is only clocked at 1333 mhz I bought the 1866 mhz ram wtf!!!!

Ive updated every driver firmware and the bios FYI

When I go in to the 990fx r2.0 bios and set the memory too 1866 and reset I get A blank screen and have to hard shutsown my computer....... meaning nothing comes up on my display and I have to revert the settings and it says overclock fail

Pleasehelp thanks

Set the memory to XMP profile 1, check if it works, then try profile 2. Don't mess with the manual voltages or clocks unless those don't work.

Where do i go to do this?

Within the BIOS. It should be on the "front page" of the BIOS.

When I go into the bios there is basic mode which you cant change nothing besides power saving, balanced, or Optimized... I just went into the bios and I didnt see any profile settings theres a thing for memory and it is on auto when I pick 1866 from the list the above problem happens

Asus mainboards all set the memory standard on 1333mhz, you have to go into bios advanced settings  tweaker, then you see the ramm frequency stays on auto, chance that to the setting 1866mhz then they will run at 1866 mhz, my mainboard did the same, M5A97Evro R2.0 thoses bioses are the same..

you have to set your ramm speed manulay in the bios on 1866mhz

when i do that and reset i gett a blank scree ai stated above

Hmm thats strange do you have the latest bios version? version 1503?

And did you install the memory correctly dual chanel configuration slot 1/3 or 2/4?

You won't notice any difference with a dedicated GPU.

that's not really the point he paid for 1866 ram, he should get 1866 ram performance, also it's not all about gaming when using a pc. And ram can affect performance in games just cause it's not set up correctly inspite of what the intended performance of what the RAM may be. anyway it might be worth seeing if the cas timmings are set up correctly too

What? That isn't the discussion, a dedicated GPU, which I assume you mean discrete, as in an actual graphics card, is the ONLY way to push advanced graphics.


thats the jest of it I want what I paid for... yes bios is fully updated

yes did the bios yesturday

Heres another image if it helps

ps im still pretty happy with my first build from scratch

i agree with thanos. make sure the timming are correct. my ram would BSOD at 2133MHz . turns out the timmings where jacked up. fixed it and now im running 2133 stable.

thanks muticous, well first off you need to know what your timmings are supppose to be, do you still have your rams packanging and info or do you have cpuz installed?


first i do not know what cpuz is but here is the package info

and i dont see where to change the memory timing only the frequency in the bios

very rear this, normaly asus  mainbord, do those things manualy, if you set the ramm frequency on 1866 as it should be, then its strange you dont get any image on the screen, maybe something wrong with those memory modules.

in my oppinion, you cpu supports it, and youre mainboard/bios also support those ramm speeds on standard, the only thing i noticed, i used 16GB Crossair Vengance 1600mhz, they runned also on 1333mhz, i had to set them manualy in the bios on 1600mhz, just, set the ramm frequancy to that, normal way, you must do the same, to let them run on standard speed.

Try to set them on 1600mhz, maybe that will work.. and look then of you get an image, on screen, if you dont get an image, either, then maybe there is something wrong with those things

so to me its strange, wenn you set them to their factory speeds, that there is no picture on screen afther rebooting..

if i wass you i would call the store where you buyed the modules, and ask them, maybe something wrong with them, or asus sabbertooth, asus bios, dont like kingston beast ramm, can also be a possibility

the picture wont show for me :(

EDIT: here is a link to CPUz

 ok. i might be able to help find out what the timmings are and see if they are correct or not.

step one. restart PC and get into the bios.

2) Click on Advance mode ( should be at the bottom of the screen. )

3) Click on AI Tweaker. then look for DRAM Timings  (might looks like this -

4) everything should be on auto but their should be numbers for the first 4. write the name  "DRAM CAS# Lantency" and so on, and numbers. then post them on here.

Example picture.