Meme School

Meme ideas thread.

I edit stuff, but my memes are bad.
I don’t know the new games coming out, and why its so controversial - or if its 100% fake hype. I am a gamer though and understand why people get pissed about stuff.
Browsing r/gaming and etc for ideas, most of the current hype is sonic as far as I see.

So maybe you could help me out, you might just know that people are heavily opinionated about a certain technology thing.
Alternately you’ve got a meme idea but you never care to execute them.

One idea I had:
FO76 launch might have been a good time to do a Gordon Ramsey clip, overlaying the game on top of the dish being served, and floating a bethesda icon over the waiter.

all ideas in the thread are free for anyone to use

just steal ppls stuff and edit it a bit maybe