I don’t think Memblaze has ever gotten any coverage on the channel. In looking for Optane alternatives, it has been getting my interest simply for the higher sustained write speeds over the competition (from all the articles and reviews so far I’ve seen)

In these days where everyone is using TLC NAND, sustained write past the SLC point is starting to get important, for instance with RED cameras or the Sony Venice 2 shooting 8.6K RAW.

Overpriced memory cards are returning in favor with people needing to record RAW video. Like Sony Proprietary ones:

1TB for $10,000:

1TB for $5,000: (Actually used for the Sony Venice 2)

Linus has already said his peace on RED MAGs being ridiculously expensive.

I feel that more education in getting the right TLC NAND SSD is better than people with cameras simply buying what’s most expensive.