Mega Man X6 All Stages World Record Speed Run in 48:28

After months of resets and nonstop total RIP, I finally got the record back for this game. First I want to say that I almost screwed myself on the final fight of the game. NORMALLY, you would get invincibility on this fight and it is ez pz. Instead, I got some weird pattern and I didn't react to it well so I missed my chance. I did this fight WITHOUT invincibility and was one hit away from death. In other words, clutch as fuq. I also died on the boss rush and lost 30~ seconds. That was the only death of the run. Everything else was fantastic (besides Nightmare Mother which ate up 20 seconds due to bad RNG). 27:57 8 mav time (which is insane).

Also, quick explanation of the run, I guess. First, we grab Zero (since you have to unlock him) and then go to Shield Sheldon (SuperVinlin) to get his Guard Shell weapon, which inflicts damage per frame, rather than per hit (glitch) and use that on killing the rest of the mavericks more quickly. The equipment parts I get in this run are: Hyper Dash (Increases Dash Speed), Saber Plus (Increases Weapon Attack), and Life Recover (Second Sub Tank). There are also a few glitches in this run as well. One glitch allows us to become invincible on some stages. This is because of the way the Ensuizan weapon works. When you use it it resets your state to standard (I.e. able to take damage), then a frame later, it nullifies your invincibility state, then after the attack is done, it resets back to standard. There's about a half-second window to cancel this weapon out to keep the invincibility state and you can only do this in certain stages by either: A) Breaking an object and falling down B) Sliding off of a surface and using it as you're about to slip off. This glitch gets stopped when you use the Ensuizan weapon again, or the Sentsuizan weapon (which does the same invincibility thing) or by entering a cutscene. Another glitch that is worth noting is the ability to pass through Totem's in Ground Scaravich's stage. To anyone who has played X6 before, you already know how much torture is in this stage. This stage is completely randomly generated and can sometimes give you impossible jumps depending on your chosen character. Well, us pro speed runners don't need to deal with that shit. Using the Ice Burst weapon from Blizzard Woofang, we can air dash into the block it creates, giving us invincibility frames, and using those frames to pass through what would normally teleport us into a nightmare, and just go right to the boss. Pretty nifty.

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also I fucking love megaman!

nice speed run!

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