Medium range video cards


I recently started a topic about graphic cards, but I got just one reply.
The biggest problem with the 5750 that I have is not the actual frame rate, but the insane amount of jitter in the frame rate, which it makes worse than having 20fps.

So the problem is that I can't figure out what are the medium price group video cards that could run any video game on the market at 60fps, low graphic settings at 1024x768?
Giving 500$ for a fancy card would solve the problem, but what if you don't have 500$ and you still want to have something working in a decent manner, even if you don't care about HD graphics?

Could somebody please give a reference info on the price of various cards, and what they offer.

You could consider the GTX 750 TI, it does very well at 1080P and at low power consumption, take your pick here: LINK

If you want a little more performance you could also consider a R9 270. I just got an MSI R9 270, gonna test it out in a bit. LINK

In that thread you specified some of your system. The 8350 is a good CPU. Providing that your power supply is sufficient, you won't have problems accommodating any card on the market.

A 1024x768 monitor will not require a particularly powerful GPU. You could run a good number of games on decent settings with comparatively low level GPUs.

Starting at the bottom, the R7 260x and 750ti are worth considering. The 750ti is power efficient, it doesn't require a large PSU. It can run without PCIe connectors. On a budget, these cards are sufficient to get you started. They will easily handle low settings.

Moving upward the R7 265 will give a 30% relative performance increase over the aforementioned cards, allowing you to play games at high settings 1080p.

Above that, I would consider the R9 270 (non-x), which is sufficient for ultra presets at 1080p with playable frames. This card would likely provide the best ultra ~60FPS experience for you on your current panel.

Kind of a tricky question. 1024x768 on low quality settings shouldn't be much of a challenge for any modern video card that costs $100 or so. The GTX750ti should fly at those settings (or better, frankly). This assumes, of course, that the rest of your machine isn't causing some of the hitching.

As a point of reference, I have a backup machine based on a Pentium G860 and a Radeon HD5770 that can play Skyrim at 1920X1080 on max settings with AA turned off, smooth as butter. I got two of the 5770's on ebay, and crossfired them, and everything I play moves along very nicely (and I bought both of the cards for less than $100 total).

You might want to share a little more info. What game(s) are you trying to play? What's your CPU/RAM setup? Can you crossfire or SLI on your motherboard (don't worry if you don't know)?

People here will help, but you need to help them first.

I don't get it, why does everybody keep mentioning the 750 Ti? That card is useless, the R7 265 beats it IN EVERY SINGLE GAME while costing the same.

The 265 consumes 50 more watts than a 750 Ti during gaming, I don't know how can that be a a deciding factor on any normal size desktop computer.

I'll say it again: the 750 Ti IS USELESS. Don't waste money on it.

The r7 and r9 cards mentioned above cost around 230$ in the local store.
With my current setup I can't even play minecraft without hickups. The problem is that I play in big cities full of various blocks that just kill the performance.

By the way, how does the stacking gpus in parallel work with ati/amd cards?
Can different models be stacked, or do they have special requirements for that?

Why not order online, or do you want to get the card now and not worry about waiting for it in the mail?

If you are talking about crossfire some models can do crossfire, and some models cannot. Lower end models like the R7 250 and below cannot crossfire. Models like the R7 260 and up will crossfire. Using anything below a R9 270 in crossfire is kind of pointless, especially when you can buy an R9 280 for the price of two 260X.

Some games don't even support it either, so you would be only using one of the two GPUs.

Actually, I do prefer ordering online, but everywhere I look it is a ripoff, I am from Croatia, so I can only buy stuff from within the EU. Any good stores in the EU that will ship via mail?

Minecraft is java and is way more based off CPU single core performance and not GPU.

I was running an i3-2100 and GT 640 and when I upgraded to a 3770k my minecraft frame rate jumped from 30 fps to ~80 fps.

Because Minecraft dosent utilize all of the 8 cores on the 8350, and only uses one, your Minecraft runs like crap.

If you're looking to increase frames for minecraft, you may want to look into optifine or low res textures. If you're itching to upgrade, I'd pick up a new monitor before I'd drop money on a new GPU (if you're not an ultra-settings aficionado).


tl;dr you're not going to see an great performance increase for minecraft if you buy a gpu.