So after finally lurking for so many months I'm gonna make my own thread and keep it updated, since i want to inform everyone that finally there is an open-source option to plex :)

(With more features and things that makes mediabrowser3 a very good solution for at least my media consumption)


If you have no clue what either of these two are then I'm gonna help you out! MediaBrowser3 is a cross-platform all-in-one media solution with server/client setup, that has a great library management and meta-data collection feature, that supports multiple profiles and even things such as music and e-books.

At the moment the current platforms they support are :

So this basically means you can have your content everywhere.

As of now it is in heavy development and the progress they are making is astonishing, for example next up on the feature list is Live-tv with recordings and all that jazz.

Now it think it's time for some images!

First up (to build the suspense) is the Live-tv not even out yet but you know ;)


And just a few more of how it is looking now!

And with that it's time to wrap it up :)

If you want to read what some sites have to say about the whole project here are some links :


MediaBrowser3 website :

And their github and forums :

 Any questions ? And if you decided to try it out and run into any problem(s) feel free to send me a pm or leave a reply in the thread :)


 Also moderators i hope this forum is the correct one! could not find one i thought it was more at home in.


This looks interesting i will have to keep an eye on this. Thanks for sharing :3

So time for an update!  From the dev post:

Our new server release has quite a few new goodies that all you metadata fans will appreciate.

You want your auto-organize? We got your auto-organize. Now you can manage your downloads using our server's web interface.

You want more metadata settings? We have your metadata settings. Now you choose and prioritize all of your inputs and outputs. You want tv fetching from TvDb, TheMovieDb, Fanart, along with saving to Media Browser Xml and Xbmc Nfo? Done.

Our new modular metadata is going to lead to a whole new breed of plugins. Would you like to see more inputs and outputs? Well join us and request them, or make that your contribution.

Do you want to be able to search all languages when you download images? Done.

TheMovieDb has TV now. Do you want to be able to see Tvdb, Tmdb and Fanart images all at the same time? Done.

And music is just as robust with MusicBrainz, TheAudioDb, Last.Fm and Fanart:

Do you want to be able to share specific libraries with specific users? Done.

Do you want status reporting on your tv tuners, with the ability to reset a tuner if needed? Done.

Update time again :)

As of today their new website looks amazing! and linux and OSX builds are linked to from the site, they are still in beta but having used them myself it works like a charm!.

And here is the dev-post :


  • DLNA Play To
  • Create collections using the web interface
  • Identification Feature added to editor
  • Redesigned video player in web client
  • Support Xbmc .disc media stubs
  • Reports
  • Copy-only option added to Auto-Organize

DLNA Play To

Thanks to help from @7Illusions Now we can detect devices on your network and offer the ability to remote control them. Try it! Please note this is a brand new feature and will take us some time to perfect. If it doesn't work with your device, let us know. We will be adding a new DLNA section to the community to handle support.

Posted Image

Create Collections using Web Interface

Now you can create your collections using the web interface. No more messing with shortcuts or [boxset] tags. This is now the preferred way to create collections.

Identification Feature

Now if something fails to identify, you no longer have to fumble with IMDB Id's. Just click the Identify button from the edit page.

Redesigned Video Player

Thanks to @TimHobbs we've got a newly designed video player in the web client


We now have reports you can run. This is a very new feature that currently only has a small number of reports. Expect to see more added with more features

New Auto-Organize Setting

Thanks to @MisterPanky, you can now change the transfer method to Copy only.

Posted Image

Support for Xbmc Media Stubs

Do you keep a few movies on your shelf but not in your Media Browser library? Great! Now you can create dummy library entries for them using the .disc file extension. When you attempt to play them in your favorite app, it will tell you to get up off the couch and insert the disc. Brilliant!