Media wiki migration

I used to have a mediawiki set up in Qnap media wiki etc…

Now i migrated to TrueNAS so I created a VM with Ubuntu 20~ and tried to run it there.

I’m very novice and I after lots of trying I could get it running, but the images is something that resists working.

  • I can’t see any of the images I used to have. ( but if I access the folder using explorer or the file system there is no problem to see the image )
  • I can’t upload new pictures.
  • It won’t even load the favicon.
  • downlading the images from the wiki pressing on the link will download a file but “corrupt” that I can’t open in any way.

The particularities of the setup would be that the var/www/html/mediawiki folder is a mount of a network location.
I tried to mount it with root permisions with the user permisions too… but no luck.
Thought it could be an Appache permisions

Any idea of what could be happening? I’m a bit out of ideas on what could I try next…

Thank you!