Media streaming app?

dose any one know of an app that allows an android device to become a windows media center extender or something similar?


I know I can use a native player+samba share to get the same functionality but I'm trying to save battery life and prevent crashes from overheating so I'm looking for software that allows my pc to do the decoding.

so you want to watch on your android, while the pc does the encoding and hosts the media?

i haven't tried it on android, but i think Plex might be able to do this. You run plex media server on your PC and use the plex app on your android to view the content. in the plex media server settings on your pc you can choose for it to do the transcoding.

if you don't want to use the plex app on android you can use the web browser on your android device, go to your plex site and watch it as html5. you can do this for free.

I'm not sure if xmbc can do this as well. i hope that this helps.

yea that works more or less. thanks