Media Server. How to PVR to fill it?

The digital copies they offer are the same quality as YIFY rips. Nowhere near the same graphical quality as a ripped-from-source bluray.

I agree with you it is a pain and you are right each publisher has its own service and it is a pain to untangle the hoops the publisher setups to defeat piracy, even though you purchase the item. How I handle this problem is probably not 100 percent legal, but it is the most Ethical and moral way I have found to handle the problem.

It is my opinion the clips you see on YIFY are not rips from a Blue Ray but are borrowed from the publisher’s download service.

YIFY did an ama on reddit.

What he actually did was have an automated process where he would download high quality torrents, and then re-encode it and make a new torrent for it.

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What would be not 100% legal about putting the downloaded copy they give you on the media server? Or are you doing something else with them in between?

Stealin’ all them bits yo. :skull_and_crossbones:

I am running the risk of being sued or paying a huge fine because I am defeating their anti-piracy encryption, which currently from a legal standpoint is kind of a grey area, hence the probably not 100 percent legal definition. Any content I want to put on my media server, I either buy the Blue Ray and download the one digital copy I am entitled by Law, without removing any encryption that is in that content, or I decided if it is worth the risk of defeating the encryption, just to get it on my media server, which in most cases it isn’t worth it.

I’ve got Asrock Beebox N3150, a small SoC PC that I’ve plugged aUSB TV Tuner Card into.

This runs Libreelec, a barebones Linux operating system built for Kodi.

I’ve installed Docker as an easy way for me to deploy various home server applications, such and TVHeadend and Nextcloud.

As you said Kodi is the frontend and TVHeadend is the backend running within a Docker container on the same hardware. A 2 hour 30 min HD recording I have is just over 4GB in size.

ah thank you! i did not get that/was confused :slight_smile:
and thanks for the help, i think i understand enough to try one of the solutions and see how it goes now

thank you! :slight_smile:

4GB for 2,5h hours, i was thinking it would be more. But that is actually ok.