Media Server. How to PVR to fill it?

Hi all,

i’m sorry if this has already been answered. But my searches on the net and here didn’t really give me a good understanding of this topic. And i don’t want to spend a lot of money on parts when it’s unclear if i need those parts.

A long time ago i watched the this video:

With the current developments where everyone wants to build their own walled garden,
amazon vs google etc, i’d like to build my own garden :wink:

I want sth like the video describes, i.e. some device(s) that record stuff from TV and save it in a good format (e.g. mp4), preferably without ads (but that is not my primary concern).
For example i can tell it to record all episodes of some series then it knows which it already recorded and records all showing up on tv except the ones it has.

What i cannot wrap my head around is what components do what, hardware and software wise.
And what needs to be connected to what in what way.

As far as i understand the setup:

Theres is a NAS on the LAN that has freenas with Plex plugin.
The nas provides storage for the plex server. and on that storage are the media files.
So when i already have media files i throw them on there, and install plex frontend on some other device and stream from the PLex/Nas. Correct?

The part thats cloudy to me is how to fill the plex/NAS with recordings from TV.
MythTV can somehow provide the recordings.
So i need a pc with mythTV and a tuner card to get the tv signal to it.
MythTV then can watch TV via the tuner card. MythTV also knows show schedules i think.
But how do i record? Especially into a space saving format?
In the video the “Hauppauge PVR” is mentioned and i cannot figure out how it fits in the setup?

Sorry for the chaotic question.
If this has already been discussed/answered somewhere, links would be really appreciated.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

PS: i’m in germany if that changes anything

Plex has a DVR feature but you need to have plex pass subscription. I haven’t tested it myself.

The DVR is good quality recording, but you barely get any channels because they’re all DRM encrypted and only Windows Media Center can read DRM encrypted channels. This is almost guaranteed to never be fixed.

I use Libreelec/Kodi with TVHeadend as a DVR. Along with a plug-in called ComSkip to remove the adverts for recordings. Recordings currently save to and external HDD which will eventually be replaced by a NAS.

Works great for me - not sure if this is the kind of thing you are after?

The Hauppauge PVR is acting as a device to connect whatever your TV source is to your DVR, and your DVR is what is actually recording whatever show you want and removing the commercials, but as was mentioned before this won’t work anymore because most shows and movies are encrypted with DRM and Windows Media is the only program that can unencrypted DRM encoding.

Are you able to record DRM encrypted channels?

I’d love to be able to do this.

I would think not, that is the whole point DRM encryption, and if you found a way to defeat DRM encryption it wouldn’t be legal. The best way to watch shows and movies without commercial is to just buy them. So, the days when you could record Television legally are over.

wouldn’t be legal.

Yeah, that’s the main problem. I disagree with those laws.

buy them

That’s what I do, but when you can’t rip BluRay to your media server to play them in your own home, it’s very quickly becoming frustrating.

just break the DRM and give them the finger just like the rest of us do. if you want legal you are out of luck and barking up the wrong tree. with the way DRM and things are going soon it will be 1 time watch rights for bluray and DVD then you have to pay again. but i say strip and rip and big middle finger to DRM.

That why most BluRay’s have a code where you can download one legal copy of the movies or Tv shows you purchase, so you can put it on your own personal media server, at least that is the case here in United States.

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I am in UK and watching on Freeview HD. The channels are encrypted, have DRM and record and play fine on multiple devices. Maybe the DRM is more severe where you are.

You can install TVHeadend via Docker ( which makes it all very quick and easy to get it setup.

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I didn’t realize that. Interesting. I’ll have to check that out. I’ve got some blurays, but I don’t look too closely at the case, just pop the disk out and throw it in my player.

I totally understand the sentiment there, but I don’t enjoy being in violation of US law every time I watch content. It’s not that I’m worried about getting caught, it’s just a moral thing. Even if what I’m doing isn’t immoral because I paid for the content, I do have moral problems with breaking laws I disagree with for the sake of a little convenience.

I’m going to have to give this a go. I’m more and more curious about this with every passing post.

i have no moral quams with over the air or paid cable tv recording on any device. unpaid cable is another story. games that dont offer demos i dont see a problem with being pirate to give it a go. the crappy DRM that we are forced to deal with is not acceptable in my eyes for anything so away it goes period. i refuse to give up my rights because of a EULA that i am forced to agree to that i dont agree to. go away DRM go die in a fire.

Problem with that “solution” is that most of those “free copies” are bound to a specific service and/or software, so integration with a media center is a pain in the a**. At least where I live, and each publisher has their own service…

I can’t watch the video right now, but Hauppauge PVR is the software that comes with the tuner card to watch and/or record the channels. I believe it can also just be used as the backend for other programs (like mythTV).

Usually the encrypted channels require a smartcard, and modern encryption systems typically don’t work with TV cards as they require a CI+ CAM (either built into a stationary receiver or as a portable module). Theoretically this would not be an issue either, but I don’t know of any TV cards that support CI+ (only CI, and most encryption systems don’t work with that anymore because it has been broken ages ago). It’s probably not being licensed to TV card manufacturers.

Check your local laws, because in some countries or states it is actually legal to break DRM if it is for private use only (i.e. you don’t distribute the cracked content). Problem with that is that sometimes even though this would be legal, the software to do it with is not so… yeah.

Thx, ill take a look! :slight_smile:
But subscriptions i want to avoid if possible.

Do i understand this correctly?
Kodi is your frontend, fir example on a rasperry pi plugged into your tv to watch the media on the hdd?
Tvheadebd is the backend, maybe on another pi, which has a tv tuner card and is the recording device to the hdd?
How much space does a recording take? So gigabyte per hour recorded, i mean.

If you dont mind telling what is all this running on with your setup?

Thx you :slight_smile:

Do i undetstand this correctly?
The hauppauge has an hdmi in, hdmi out and usb.
So tv source outputs then via hdmi to haupauge.
Then i thought thehaupauge can record so it takes the hdmi signal and records to what ever is pkugged into usb?
If so do i need a seperate dvr? If not what does the hauppauge do using these ports?

Thxfor your help! :slight_smile:

Depends on the specific card but yes, the HDMI out then goes to the TV to watch it.

Again depends on the specific card, but that’s the idea. However it depends on the content coming over the HDMI connection. If it is HDCP protected you won’t be able to record and there is no legal way around that.

If it already records to the USB you don’t need a separate DVR. That question is contradicting your previous statements :slight_smile:

Just to clear something up because you seem to be confused about it… Hauppauge is the brand name of a metric shitton of TV receiver cards (PCIe, USB, standalone, I think even express cards at one point) for PCs. Hauppauge PVR is the software that comes with it. Sometimes the cards are also just called the PVR. So how that thing integrates heavily depends on the specific model you get. Some of them don’t have an HDMI out our even in port. If they have neither they record straight off the cable (or satellite or terrestrial for that matter) signal. Some have just an HDMI out to act as the recorder/tuner straight from the cable and output to the TV. They just record via the software in that case.
There is no one-fits-all solution here unless we know what specific components you’d be using.
In short: there is no “THE Hauppauge”.