Medal of Honor Warfighter

Has anyone played MOH Warfighter? I personally think the game looks great. I have noticed that it is getting some bad reviews. The one thing bad I have noticed is that it seems like it has quite a few bugs. If I do get the game it will more than likely be on PS3 and I will wait a couple of weeks for the issues to be fixed. I hate to sacrifice graphics, but my BF3 experience with Origin was absolutley horrible. Also, has origin gotten any better? I haven't used it in like 6 months. 

I like the MP. SP so far is good, played a few missions. If you plan on playing the MP, get it quick cause once the other AAA titles release the amount of people playing will drop like it did in 2010. If you get it for PC, hit me up: i2IDIUM

Yeah, once black ops 2 comes out alot of people will probably jump ship. They should've had a different release date. I'll let you know if I decide to go PC. So how is origin these days? Does it still take you through the internet browser in order to laucnh the game?

dont know about the game but last time i used origin is sucked completely, my game wouldnt even launch properly, ea said they would "take care of it" a few weeks ago (more like 6)

No, the game starts from the launcher but I think you still can launch from browser?

SP was meh mostly because it is way too easy... Infinite ammo on pistol in "hard"?